Feel Good Freebie Friday!


One of my main goals with this blog is to share good vibes far & wide. For people to realize they have one unique life to live and they should be happy living theirs.

I am a huge Ellen DeGeneres fan! I always say if the world could be more like Ellen, we’d all be better off. I love how she is always so kind to others, how she likes to shine the spotlight on people making a difference and doing good in this world. She is always making people feel good by being overly generous and gifting her audience, and those doing great things.. Spreading those Good Vibes.

I also really enjoy watching Kathie Lee & Hoda on The Today Show & their Freebie Friday segment where they also give gifts to fans across the nation.

So I decided to take my cues from these fabulous women and start my own “Feel Good, Freebie Friday”! My main goal with this is to highlight people making others feel good & make them get all those good feelings back ten-fold with a special gift from me.

Each Friday on my Happily Styled Life Facebook Page, I am going to challenge my readers to nominate someone they know making the world a more positive and happy place to be. Then I will choose one lucky person to receive one of my favorite things free! How fun right? So pop on over to the Facebook page, find all details, and nominate your favorite person today! Let’s all pay it forward…

xo- Kelly

Feel Good Freebie Friday Details:

– “Like’ Happily Styled Life on Facebook & Instagram

– Find Current weeks “Feel Good Freebie Friday” post. Follow criteria and comment with your nomination.

*This giveaway is in no way sponsored or affiliated with any products given away.



Create Your Own Success Story…

Hello October! October means changing leaves and with this comes the beauty of what change can bring.


Change can always be scary, but think about it… nothing good in your life came without change. For instance, the birth of a child- well that brings about a whole ton of change. They literally say it is life-changing, but they also say it is for the better…

And yes… not all change is always a good result, but when something changes for better or worse- we can learn. And when we learn, we are still making some aspects of our lives better…


When I decided to take a chance and become a Stella & Dot stylist, I was nervous. This was a big change, like nothing I had ever done… but I figured “Why not? What did I have to lose?” My dad actually said to me, “if it doesn’t work out you learned a lesson right?” Well here I am five years later still creating my own success story with this gig.

What if today you could decide to take a chance and make a change in your life, and create your very own success story?


Well, it is that simple YOU CAN!! We have the best sign-up special ever right now, and it is the best time of year to at least give it a try. Everyone you know is going to need to shop in the next few months as the season changes and the holidays come upon us, so why not be their stylist and let them shop with you? And yes that is $750 worth of our fabulous accessories for $199…


and yes most of the leaders on our team have told me point blank– they only joined for the boat load of jewels…and NOW– they have changed their lives bringing in a few extra hundred each month to an extra thousand or two each month… and YOU CAN TOO!!

Learn more & join here today!! Have more questions? Fill out the form below and let’s chat!!


Life = The Sum of our Decisions…


Everyday we make many decisions.

From the moment we wake up until the time we go to sleep our day is filled with decision making. Some decisions are much more simple, such as what do I want for breakfast, or what what will I wear. Others take careful time and planning, and may even carry on for days/weeks/years, like planning a wedding or a move.

Five years ago today, I made a decision to try Stella & Dot when I was planning my wedding. I had thought about it for a few days, gathered my information, discussed with my family & friends, and used the decision making model to the best of my ability. I concluded there was very little risk so why not? Something inside of me was saying go for it, so I did. To this day it is one of the BEST decisions I have ever made.

I have made lots of decisions and will continue to make many decisions throughout life, and so will you. Some I reflect upon with fondness, some with sadness, but never with regret. Why? Because every decision I have made has landed me right here, where I am today. I would not be living my #happilystyledlife without the impact of every decision.

So today, I challenge you to think about all of your decisions.

Think about your past decisions that have brought you to where you are today and be grateful for each and everyone.

Think about your future decisions and where these decisions will take you.

Make BRAVE decisions. Make INFORMED decisions. Make BOLD decisions. Make IMPACTFUL decisions. Make EXTRAORDINARY decisions. And most of all be CONFIDENT in your decisions. Follow your HEART! Those decisions will never lead you in the wrong direction. They will be the RIGHT decision for YOU to live your Happily Styled Life. Cause life after all is the sum of all of our decisions. NOW is your time to go LIVE your decisions.

Have a joyful day! xo~ Kelly

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