Pink October ~ Be BRIGHT!

Wow! Where has the time gone? I can’t believe it is October, but I am also so excited that it is. I love the month of October for so many reasons.

One of my favorite reasons is all of the Breast Cancer Awareness that happens! And with all that awareness comes the chance to give back and really make a difference.

Each year Stella & Dot family of brands partners with an organization and creates new meaningful pieces to support Breast Cancer Awareness. This year we have partnered with Bright Pink to really aid in the prevention of Breast & Ovarian Cancers through early detection with genetic testing. We are continuing to feature the Resilience Bracelet that was co-designed with actress Colby Smolders last year and was a huge hit. In addition we have a beautiful new Wishing Necklace and Bisous Wishing Bracelet this year. The simplicity of these pieces is so beautiful and powerful! These are great pieces to add to your accessory wardrobe and to pick up as gifts. Also, please read on about sponsoring an item for my “Pink October” Chemo Care Pouches Campaign.


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In addition as an Ever Skin Care specialist, we are supporting Bright Pink and donating all proceeds from every Smooth purchased back to the organization.


Following the lead of our incredible company and so many other wonderful stylists, I have decided to create my own “Pink October” campaign locally. I will be creating and donating Chemo Care Pouches to donate to local Oncology Centers, so they may gift women currently going through or future patients with a pouch to aid in the fight. I am looking for sponsors to purchase the actual pouch, aka one of our amazing poufs for $25 (includes tax & shipping). I will then take 100% of my commission to purchase items to fill these pouches. Click here to sponsor a “Chemo Care Pouch” ~ Send $25 via “Friends & Family”.


Wouldn’t you love to include a Smooth and either a Necklace or Bracelet in each pouch, knowing that the proceeds will go back to Bright Pink, but also help to brighten a patient’s day! Please consider also sponsoring an item to go in the pouf in addition to the items I will be personally donating.

To sponsor a Chemo Care Pouch (enhanced) click below and enter the amount you’d like to donate & send via “Friends & Family”)

Smooth- $26 (plus pouch- Total $51)

Wishing Necklace or Resilience Cuff- $34 (plus pouch- Total: $59)

Bisous Wishing Bracelet- $19 (plus pouch- Total: $44) 

Complete Chemo Care “Wishing” Pouch (pouch, smooth, wishing necklace/resilience cuff- Total: $85)

Complete Chemo Care “Kisses” Pouch (pouch, smooth, Bisous Wishing Bracelet- Total: $80)


Please feel free to SHARE this mission on your page also. Many hands and hearts can do amazing work together! Thank you for your support and taking a moment to read this!!

xo- Kelly