Simple Sunday ~ Starbucks Cards & App Tutorial

Sundays are a time to focus on the simple things in life. 

Today I spent time doing such a SIMPLE action to help SIMPLIFY my life and in turn be more happy. I know you will love this step by step guide & tip to help your life be more simple and happy. 

It’s no lie… I LOVE COFFEE! Especially Starbucks coffee. As I was sipping my coffee enjoying my family this Sunday morning, I noticed a pile of Starbucks cards I had received for various things recently. THANK YOU, THANK YOU! 

These days I just love going through the Starbucks drive through for a treat when we are out. And then I open my app to pay with my gold card (that I earned- whoop whoop- who else has a gold card?) and I need to re-load it. UGH… but I know I have so many Starbucks gift cards at home. Ever have this happen to you? 

Well this AM I spent 15 minutes adding all the gift cards I have received into my app. IT IS SUCH A SIMPLE THING to do and I know will simplify my life and take away those UGH moments…. as a result a happier & caffinated mama! Three cheers to that! 

So if you didn’t know you could do this, or don’t know how, here is my step by step tutorial for you. Your Welcome! 

Step 1: Open App

Step 2: Click “Pay” then “Manage

Step 3: Click “+ Add Starbucks Card” 

Step 4: Enter the Card number & (honestly here is the hardest part, who else hates scratching off the protective covering to get the pin) 8-digit code. 

**SIDE NOTE: If you received an e-gift card for starbucks, open the e-mail, click “Redeem Your E-gift” then scroll to button “Add to your Starbucks App” and this is the best part the numbers auto populate.**

Step 5: Click “Add” & up will pop a picture of your card. (The giddy geek in me loved the image exactly matched what the card looked like in my hand)

**SIDE NOTE: If you don’t have a card linked to your account/app yet like I do, at this point click “Make Primary Card“. You can always change this later but if you have multiple cards and want to put the balance all on one, or for future use to collect the coveted Starbucks STARS for FREE rewards you need to make one card your primary card.** 

Step 6: Click “Transfer Balance” and then you will see this screen prompting you to use this card and transfer it to the card you’d like. 

Step 7: Click “Transfer $Amount“. You will then be prompted to “Keep or Remove” this action. YOU WANT TO KEEP THIS ACTION! So click “Keep“.

Step 8: Watch the magic happen. Literally it shows you how it takes the balance off the card you added and puts it onto your primary card. 

I hope you loved this simple tutorial and it helps you. If you did please take a minute and share it! 

Speaking of sharing… wouldn’t you love to share the Starbucks love? Pick up some Starbucks Gift Cards, Multipack of 4 – $10 and then share this tip with them. I bet you will make someone very HAPPY today!! 

P.S.- You know what goes great with a Starbucks Gift Card? A pair of my best-selling Sparkle Studs 


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