It is time…


Well hello there happy people! Happy Monday!

I know it has been a while since I last posted, but here I am. I decided now, today, this Monday is as good a time as ever to start this blog up again. And boy am I glad to be back!

In case you are wondering where I have been, 11 weeks ago today hubby, puppy & I welcomed our little girl into the world… 5 weeks early! Yes you heard that right our lovable little girl decided to come into this world earlier then we ever could have imagined.. And no we were not at all ready. I had just had my shower two days before, it was still hockey season for our family with my husband as head coach for the first year, I had my huge annual event for the American Heart Association at school that Friday, her nursery wasn’t even close to being done, we had no hospital bags packed, car seats weren’t installed.. It was crazy… It all seemed wrong… The time was not “right”….


But you know what.. As we reflect on our crazy story- the time was just “right”. As the introduction for my blog goes- I fully believe everything happens for a reason. She had a 15 day stay in the NICU, and as exhausting as it was- we were so fortunate to be surrounded by the best NICU staff. (Side note- we fully believe that NICU nurses are some of the best people on the planet. They not only take incredible care of these preemie babies, but they also are so loving to parents who are so scared. Thank you to all of our NICU nurses, especially Nurse Tracy!) We joke that she came early cause she knew her mom and dad were going to have no idea what they were doing so this way, we could be under direct supervision. We got all the lessons new parents need, how to change a diaper, how to give a bath, how to take a temperature, how to feed safely, infant CPR… You name it! We also had to limit visitors, which in turn allowed us exclusive time to enjoy our little girl. My husband and I became closer than ever as we teamed up to make sure our little girl was going to be okay. We chose during this time to see the positive, to count our many blessings… The biggest blessing of all being HER! As my husband kept reminding me we were fortunate. Instead of her spending another 5 weeks inside me, we got to meet her and every second, every minute, every hour was extra time we were LUCKY to have with her.

We are so lucky… And so thankful that she came early. We have learned the first of many lessons she will teach us. We often say “now isn’t the right time”, or “not right now”… Why do we say this? Why not right now? Many times we try to control everything and choose the perfect time for things to happen or to do something. DON’T! Let life happen, chose to do things now, each day is so PRECIOUS, time may never be right… Don’t let things pass you by. Embrace the fear, embrace the time right now, live in the moment and BE HAPPY TODAY!! Because you know what? It may not seem like the “right time” to you, but it could end up being the biggest blessing in your life, just like our little girl!!

Xo- Kelly

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