Happy Getaway!


The summer has us all thinking about getting away. Jet setting here and there. I am no exception, and love to travel! And our Getaway Bag is the perfect bag for where ever life takes you this summer….

Do you travels take you on a plane? Not to worry. Because our Getaway is the perfect size for a carry-on! (Kids are carry-ons too, right?!?!)


Or are you a fur mom, does the Pup ever try to fit in your carry-on? They don’t want to miss out on all the fun either.. hee hee..


Are escaping to the beach for some sand between your toes?

Do you love lake life? Jumping on a Boat for a getaway?

My favorite everyday getaway is poolside…

Maybe your getaway is a simple trip to the yoga studio or gym…


Are you a new mom, that just wants to getaway anywhere out of the house.. our Getaway Bag and Beauty Bag set make a great Diaper Bag… Or this makes a GREAT GIFT!! Stuff it with the essentials..


The Getaway Bag is not only a great Diaper Bag Gift, but also a great gift for brides as a honeymoon essentials gift (my cousins have loved them!) and recent college grads for trips to and from home!

I also love to throw in an engravable with the soon to be new initials of the bride, or the coordinates of where they are getting married. For the grads the coordinates of home or an inspirational saying! Even new moms love the initials of their new born, time they were born, or one that simply states “Mom” or “Blessed” etc…

“No Matter Where” you are… make it a Getaway and take our most versatile bag with you!!

Share your FAVORITE place to GETAWAY in the comments below…

Have a Happily Styled Summer!! xo- Kelly


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