Simple Sunday ~ Starbucks Cards & App Tutorial

Sundays are a time to focus on the simple things in life. 

Today I spent time doing such a SIMPLE action to help SIMPLIFY my life and in turn be more happy. I know you will love this step by step guide & tip to help your life be more simple and happy. 

It’s no lie… I LOVE COFFEE! Especially Starbucks coffee. As I was sipping my coffee enjoying my family this Sunday morning, I noticed a pile of Starbucks cards I had received for various things recently. THANK YOU, THANK YOU! 

These days I just love going through the Starbucks drive through for a treat when we are out. And then I open my app to pay with my gold card (that I earned- whoop whoop- who else has a gold card?) and I need to re-load it. UGH… but I know I have so many Starbucks gift cards at home. Ever have this happen to you? 

Well this AM I spent 15 minutes adding all the gift cards I have received into my app. IT IS SUCH A SIMPLE THING to do and I know will simplify my life and take away those UGH moments…. as a result a happier & caffinated mama! Three cheers to that! 

So if you didn’t know you could do this, or don’t know how, here is my step by step tutorial for you. Your Welcome! 

Step 1: Open App

Step 2: Click “Pay” then “Manage

Step 3: Click “+ Add Starbucks Card” 

Step 4: Enter the Card number & (honestly here is the hardest part, who else hates scratching off the protective covering to get the pin) 8-digit code. 

**SIDE NOTE: If you received an e-gift card for starbucks, open the e-mail, click “Redeem Your E-gift” then scroll to button “Add to your Starbucks App” and this is the best part the numbers auto populate.**

Step 5: Click “Add” & up will pop a picture of your card. (The giddy geek in me loved the image exactly matched what the card looked like in my hand)

**SIDE NOTE: If you don’t have a card linked to your account/app yet like I do, at this point click “Make Primary Card“. You can always change this later but if you have multiple cards and want to put the balance all on one, or for future use to collect the coveted Starbucks STARS for FREE rewards you need to make one card your primary card.** 

Step 6: Click “Transfer Balance” and then you will see this screen prompting you to use this card and transfer it to the card you’d like. 

Step 7: Click “Transfer $Amount“. You will then be prompted to “Keep or Remove” this action. YOU WANT TO KEEP THIS ACTION! So click “Keep“.

Step 8: Watch the magic happen. Literally it shows you how it takes the balance off the card you added and puts it onto your primary card. 

I hope you loved this simple tutorial and it helps you. If you did please take a minute and share it! 

Speaking of sharing… wouldn’t you love to share the Starbucks love? Pick up some Starbucks Gift Cards, Multipack of 4 – $10 and then share this tip with them. I bet you will make someone very HAPPY today!! 

P.S.- You know what goes great with a Starbucks Gift Card? A pair of my best-selling Sparkle Studs 


Friday Favorite – Moisturizer with SPF

Since we are in the dead of summer and I have been sharing my favorite items with all my VIP Stylish Gals on Facebook all summer long. I’ve decided to kick off my Friday Favorite Series to a all of you readers cause I am sure these items can bring you some joy.

I decided to share an important item for summer, an everyday Moisturizer with SPF in it for your whole body. It’s a brand that is good for your ingredients (which is so important to me) is dermatologist recommended & has been around for a long time. 

I have always had dry sensitive skin- head to toe and even as a little girl I turned to Aveeno. When I got pregnant- skin issues came back, so back to Aveeno I went. 

Earlier this summer on the spur of a moment we spent a beautiful day outside with some friends after a wedding and my body got SCORCHED! One of the worst sunburns I have ever had. Oh the blisters on my knees were brutal. My face was fine cause my EVER Skincare Daylight Tinted Moisturizer has built in SPF 32. I quickly learned how important it is to have a moisturizer you use everyday that already contains SPF in it so you don’t have to think or worry about it. I quickly went on a search for a body moisturizer with good for you ingredients & I was ecstatic to find that Aveeno made their amazing Daily Moisturizing Lotion with SPF 15.  I will never go without some kind of sun protection on my body again and neither should you! 

Go grab yours Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Body Lotion With SPF 15, 12 Fl. Oz

Feel Good Freebie Friday!


One of my main goals with this blog is to share good vibes far & wide. For people to realize they have one unique life to live and they should be happy living theirs.

I am a huge Ellen DeGeneres fan! I always say if the world could be more like Ellen, we’d all be better off. I love how she is always so kind to others, how she likes to shine the spotlight on people making a difference and doing good in this world. She is always making people feel good by being overly generous and gifting her audience, and those doing great things.. Spreading those Good Vibes.

I also really enjoy watching Kathie Lee & Hoda on The Today Show & their Freebie Friday segment where they also give gifts to fans across the nation.

So I decided to take my cues from these fabulous women and start my own “Feel Good, Freebie Friday”! My main goal with this is to highlight people making others feel good & make them get all those good feelings back ten-fold with a special gift from me.

Each Friday on my Happily Styled Life Facebook Page, I am going to challenge my readers to nominate someone they know making the world a more positive and happy place to be. Then I will choose one lucky person to receive one of my favorite things free! How fun right? So pop on over to the Facebook page, find all details, and nominate your favorite person today! Let’s all pay it forward…

xo- Kelly

Feel Good Freebie Friday Details:

– “Like’ Happily Styled Life on Facebook & Instagram

– Find Current weeks “Feel Good Freebie Friday” post. Follow criteria and comment with your nomination.

*This giveaway is in no way sponsored or affiliated with any products given away.



It is time…


Well hello there happy people! Happy Monday!

I know it has been a while since I last posted, but here I am. I decided now, today, this Monday is as good a time as ever to start this blog up again. And boy am I glad to be back!

In case you are wondering where I have been, 11 weeks ago today hubby, puppy & I welcomed our little girl into the world… 5 weeks early! Yes you heard that right our lovable little girl decided to come into this world earlier then we ever could have imagined.. And no we were not at all ready. I had just had my shower two days before, it was still hockey season for our family with my husband as head coach for the first year, I had my huge annual event for the American Heart Association at school that Friday, her nursery wasn’t even close to being done, we had no hospital bags packed, car seats weren’t installed.. It was crazy… It all seemed wrong… The time was not “right”….


But you know what.. As we reflect on our crazy story- the time was just “right”. As the introduction for my blog goes- I fully believe everything happens for a reason. She had a 15 day stay in the NICU, and as exhausting as it was- we were so fortunate to be surrounded by the best NICU staff. (Side note- we fully believe that NICU nurses are some of the best people on the planet. They not only take incredible care of these preemie babies, but they also are so loving to parents who are so scared. Thank you to all of our NICU nurses, especially Nurse Tracy!) We joke that she came early cause she knew her mom and dad were going to have no idea what they were doing so this way, we could be under direct supervision. We got all the lessons new parents need, how to change a diaper, how to give a bath, how to take a temperature, how to feed safely, infant CPR… You name it! We also had to limit visitors, which in turn allowed us exclusive time to enjoy our little girl. My husband and I became closer than ever as we teamed up to make sure our little girl was going to be okay. We chose during this time to see the positive, to count our many blessings… The biggest blessing of all being HER! As my husband kept reminding me we were fortunate. Instead of her spending another 5 weeks inside me, we got to meet her and every second, every minute, every hour was extra time we were LUCKY to have with her.

We are so lucky… And so thankful that she came early. We have learned the first of many lessons she will teach us. We often say “now isn’t the right time”, or “not right now”… Why do we say this? Why not right now? Many times we try to control everything and choose the perfect time for things to happen or to do something. DON’T! Let life happen, chose to do things now, each day is so PRECIOUS, time may never be right… Don’t let things pass you by. Embrace the fear, embrace the time right now, live in the moment and BE HAPPY TODAY!! Because you know what? It may not seem like the “right time” to you, but it could end up being the biggest blessing in your life, just like our little girl!!

Xo- Kelly

Pink October ~ Be BRIGHT!

Wow! Where has the time gone? I can’t believe it is October, but I am also so excited that it is. I love the month of October for so many reasons.

One of my favorite reasons is all of the Breast Cancer Awareness that happens! And with all that awareness comes the chance to give back and really make a difference.

Each year Stella & Dot family of brands partners with an organization and creates new meaningful pieces to support Breast Cancer Awareness. This year we have partnered with Bright Pink to really aid in the prevention of Breast & Ovarian Cancers through early detection with genetic testing. We are continuing to feature the Resilience Bracelet that was co-designed with actress Colby Smolders last year and was a huge hit. In addition we have a beautiful new Wishing Necklace and Bisous Wishing Bracelet this year. The simplicity of these pieces is so beautiful and powerful! These are great pieces to add to your accessory wardrobe and to pick up as gifts. Also, please read on about sponsoring an item for my “Pink October” Chemo Care Pouches Campaign.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

In addition as an Ever Skin Care specialist, we are supporting Bright Pink and donating all proceeds from every Smooth purchased back to the organization.


Following the lead of our incredible company and so many other wonderful stylists, I have decided to create my own “Pink October” campaign locally. I will be creating and donating Chemo Care Pouches to donate to local Oncology Centers, so they may gift women currently going through or future patients with a pouch to aid in the fight. I am looking for sponsors to purchase the actual pouch, aka one of our amazing poufs for $25 (includes tax & shipping). I will then take 100% of my commission to purchase items to fill these pouches. Click here to sponsor a “Chemo Care Pouch” ~ Send $25 via “Friends & Family”.


Wouldn’t you love to include a Smooth and either a Necklace or Bracelet in each pouch, knowing that the proceeds will go back to Bright Pink, but also help to brighten a patient’s day! Please consider also sponsoring an item to go in the pouf in addition to the items I will be personally donating.

To sponsor a Chemo Care Pouch (enhanced) click below and enter the amount you’d like to donate & send via “Friends & Family”)

Smooth- $26 (plus pouch- Total $51)

Wishing Necklace or Resilience Cuff- $34 (plus pouch- Total: $59)

Bisous Wishing Bracelet- $19 (plus pouch- Total: $44) 

Complete Chemo Care “Wishing” Pouch (pouch, smooth, wishing necklace/resilience cuff- Total: $85)

Complete Chemo Care “Kisses” Pouch (pouch, smooth, Bisous Wishing Bracelet- Total: $80)


Please feel free to SHARE this mission on your page also. Many hands and hearts can do amazing work together! Thank you for your support and taking a moment to read this!!

xo- Kelly

Create Your Own Success Story…

Hello October! October means changing leaves and with this comes the beauty of what change can bring.


Change can always be scary, but think about it… nothing good in your life came without change. For instance, the birth of a child- well that brings about a whole ton of change. They literally say it is life-changing, but they also say it is for the better…

And yes… not all change is always a good result, but when something changes for better or worse- we can learn. And when we learn, we are still making some aspects of our lives better…


When I decided to take a chance and become a Stella & Dot stylist, I was nervous. This was a big change, like nothing I had ever done… but I figured “Why not? What did I have to lose?” My dad actually said to me, “if it doesn’t work out you learned a lesson right?” Well here I am five years later still creating my own success story with this gig.

What if today you could decide to take a chance and make a change in your life, and create your very own success story?


Well, it is that simple YOU CAN!! We have the best sign-up special ever right now, and it is the best time of year to at least give it a try. Everyone you know is going to need to shop in the next few months as the season changes and the holidays come upon us, so why not be their stylist and let them shop with you? And yes that is $750 worth of our fabulous accessories for $199…


and yes most of the leaders on our team have told me point blank– they only joined for the boat load of jewels…and NOW– they have changed their lives bringing in a few extra hundred each month to an extra thousand or two each month… and YOU CAN TOO!!

Learn more & join here today!! Have more questions? Fill out the form below and let’s chat!!


Happy Getaway!


The summer has us all thinking about getting away. Jet setting here and there. I am no exception, and love to travel! And our Getaway Bag is the perfect bag for where ever life takes you this summer….

Do you travels take you on a plane? Not to worry. Because our Getaway is the perfect size for a carry-on! (Kids are carry-ons too, right?!?!)


Or are you a fur mom, does the Pup ever try to fit in your carry-on? They don’t want to miss out on all the fun either.. hee hee..


Are escaping to the beach for some sand between your toes?

Do you love lake life? Jumping on a Boat for a getaway?

My favorite everyday getaway is poolside…

Maybe your getaway is a simple trip to the yoga studio or gym…


Are you a new mom, that just wants to getaway anywhere out of the house.. our Getaway Bag and Beauty Bag set make a great Diaper Bag… Or this makes a GREAT GIFT!! Stuff it with the essentials..


The Getaway Bag is not only a great Diaper Bag Gift, but also a great gift for brides as a honeymoon essentials gift (my cousins have loved them!) and recent college grads for trips to and from home!

I also love to throw in an engravable with the soon to be new initials of the bride, or the coordinates of where they are getting married. For the grads the coordinates of home or an inspirational saying! Even new moms love the initials of their new born, time they were born, or one that simply states “Mom” or “Blessed” etc…

“No Matter Where” you are… make it a Getaway and take our most versatile bag with you!!

Share your FAVORITE place to GETAWAY in the comments below…

Have a Happily Styled Summer!! xo- Kelly


Trunk Show Thursday


So what is a Stella & Dot Trunk Show? FUN!!

F- Friends, Family, & Fashion all rolled into one! Does it get any better? I mean who likes to go shopping alone? Isn’t everything always better with a friend? Then add in some simple snacks & a beverage of your choice and it’s your typical girl’s night in. Check out our latest theme “BBQ & Baubles” for the upcoming Memorial Day weekend!


U- Ultramodern style and way to shop! First, we make sure to stay in the games with the latest styles and trends. Our Chief Creative Officer, Blythe Harris & her team are super talented! And of course our CEO, Jessica Herrin leading the way with creating the newest and best way to shop, in your home. So much so, the National Retail Foundation awarded Jessica earlier this year for re-shaping & modernizing the retail industry. Who doesn’t want a pop-up boutique brought right to their living room? Now if that isn’t celebrity treatment, I am not sure what is. Because you guessed it, our accessories and the trunk show experience is celebrity coveted and editor adored. Check out all the celebrities & editors loving our style. And don’t forget about when Lisa Rinna, hosted her own Stella & Dot Trunk Show on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, or more recently when Holly Robinson Peete went Facebook Live when hosting her Stella & Dot Trunk Show on April 7th.

N- No Stress for you & No Pressure for your guests! So many of us have been to an “in-home party” (a term I hear many people say to me), with various other multi-level marketing companies, and our experiences make us think we are all one in the same. I love going to various events, and learning how different we all really are. At Stella & Dot Trunk Shows you will get maximum rewards (average $250 FREE shopping spree & 4 items at 50% off), as we work your show flexibly together. First, we build your guest list and then I will help send a Save the Date & all the invitations for you. Next, we pick a fun and simple theme for food, drinks, and decorations (think cupcakes, champagne, and fresh flowers). Finally we help people who can’t make it, or who are not local be able to join in on the fun! They can shop your unique trunk show link at any time, cause all of our orders ship, in gift ready packaging, right to our customer’s doors in 3-5 business days. So yes, that means you don’t have to sort everyone’s orders or deliver them. On the day of your show I will show up about 30 minutes before, and all I need is a table to set-up. Then we will enjoy everyone’s company for 90 minutes as they shop our amazing line of accessories. I’ll do a brief (approx 15 min) hello to introduce myself, the company & some trends, then people can shop at their leisure. We make sure to have something for everyone , with half our line under $50. And we always have exclusive Trunk Show Offers to shop at 50% when a customer spends $50. And that is it, now you ENJOY YOUR FREE SHOPPING SPREE!!

I can’t wait to spoil you, and style your friends & family at your own Stella & Dot Trunk Show!!


Meet The Tribe~ Caitlin M.

I am so excited to be featuring some of the amazing stylists from my Precious Pearls team, so they can share how Stella & Dot has helped them happily style their lives.

We are currently a tribe of 103 strong & inspirational women across the U.S. We continue to grow and enjoy meeting so many wonderful women (and a few good men). We’d love to have you and help you to write the story you want. Learn more about us by watching “Our Story”. But first, let’s learn more about the amazing Caitlin Munsie and her journey with Stella & Dot.

I am thrilled to be spotlighting Caitlin, a Star Stylist, as the first in our “Meet the Tribe” series, as she was literally the first Precious Pearl out of the 103, just a little over 2 years ago. I love her story and message below, and I know you will too. Enjoy!

Who are you?

“Hi All! My name is Caitlin Munsie and I am currently a Star Stylist with Stella & Dot. I am a stay at home mom to my baby girl, Natalie, who is now 2 1/2 years old and have a baby boy arriving any day now. I have been married for almost five years to my high school sweetheart, Tim and we live in East Hartford, CT.”


Why were you looking for the opportunity?

“I came across the opportunity after my husband and I decided that I would stay home full time with Natalie. I knew I needed something to help myself get out of the house and have girl nights whenever possible!”

How did you find your business? Why did you join?

“I met Kelly when she was the stylist at my good friends trunk show. Natalie was only two weeks old, and it was my first time out of the house alone! After multiple coffee dates with Kelly, I knew this company was unbelievable and this would be a great adventure for me. I would not only be able to be an amazing mother but also dive into a fashion forward company.”

What excited you the most?

“I was most excited for the jewelry! I follow a million bloggers and fashion designers so this is a dream come true to get to style people on a regular basis!”What have been your most exciting achievements in this business?

What have been your most exciting achievements in this business?

“One of the most exciting and rewarding achievements has been to watch my team succeed. I work everyday in this business to give constant support to these girls who continuously work hard towards their goals. Of course I love the promotions and bonuses, but to have a team of successful ladies work towards a goal and achieve that goal is pretty amazing.”

What results have you seen? 

“I was originally hoping to get some nights out with ladies and enjoy the free jewels. This has quickly changed to building an amazing team, contributing financially for my family and wanting to become a bigger part of this unbelievable company!”

What has the business done for your family?

“Besides what this business has allowed us to purchase for our family, it also has allowed me to grow and become a better mother and wife. Stella & Dot has given me confidence through my achievements and goals I have hit month to month, which is something I want to pass down to Natalie.”

What advice would you like to give to new stylists just beginning their career with Stella & Dot?

“My advice would be to dive right in. To start off as strong as you can by booking as many shows as you can fit into your schedule. This will only help you book more shows off of shows and get in front of as many new people as possible. Also, feel proud of your new business. Everyone will have an opinion, but feel amazing about your new adventure and wear it proudly on your sleeve!”

How many hours per week do you spend on your Stella & Dot business?

“This depends on the day/week and how good of a nap my little one gives me! I try to do at least one hour of Stella time a day. Even if that is texting or calling customers on the go or just posting something on a social media site. I have learned that if you continue to put into your business only great things will come out from it.”

Brings #SDJoy: Tell us what brings you #SDJoy from your Stella & Dot business

“Watching other ladies succeed in this business. I absolutely love when someone tells me about their amazing trunk show they just rocked or how they were able to go on a vacation because of Stella & Dot. I love the support that women continue to give to each other day after day.”

Personal Motto: Tell us what your personal motto is, i.e. a quote, a saying, or a statement that you have created.

“Shoot for the moon because even if you miss you will land among the stars”


What do you “love” the most about Stella & Dot

“The amazing friendships I have built with women I would have never even crossed paths with if it wasn’t for Stella & Dot bringing us together. I have made friendships stronger and now can’t imagine these girls not being in my life! I  constantly appreciate the support and advice I get from ladies all over the country. Watching women cheering for other women is something you don’t see everyday, but in this business it is just a given.”

Thank you Caitlin, for sharing your Stella & Dot story. I know the whole galaxy is your bright future, and many ladies will be lucky to join your tribe and have you as their mentor and friend.

xo- Kelly

If you’d like to contact Caitlin, and/or to learn more please visit her Stella & Dot Website.


Life = The Sum of our Decisions…


Everyday we make many decisions.

From the moment we wake up until the time we go to sleep our day is filled with decision making. Some decisions are much more simple, such as what do I want for breakfast, or what what will I wear. Others take careful time and planning, and may even carry on for days/weeks/years, like planning a wedding or a move.

Five years ago today, I made a decision to try Stella & Dot when I was planning my wedding. I had thought about it for a few days, gathered my information, discussed with my family & friends, and used the decision making model to the best of my ability. I concluded there was very little risk so why not? Something inside of me was saying go for it, so I did. To this day it is one of the BEST decisions I have ever made.

I have made lots of decisions and will continue to make many decisions throughout life, and so will you. Some I reflect upon with fondness, some with sadness, but never with regret. Why? Because every decision I have made has landed me right here, where I am today. I would not be living my #happilystyledlife without the impact of every decision.

So today, I challenge you to think about all of your decisions.

Think about your past decisions that have brought you to where you are today and be grateful for each and everyone.

Think about your future decisions and where these decisions will take you.

Make BRAVE decisions. Make INFORMED decisions. Make BOLD decisions. Make IMPACTFUL decisions. Make EXTRAORDINARY decisions. And most of all be CONFIDENT in your decisions. Follow your HEART! Those decisions will never lead you in the wrong direction. They will be the RIGHT decision for YOU to live your Happily Styled Life. Cause life after all is the sum of all of our decisions. NOW is your time to go LIVE your decisions.

Have a joyful day! xo~ Kelly

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